Do Ring Cameras Record All The Time? Detailed Explanation

Do Ring Cameras Record All The Time

Are you looking for an answer to the question Do Ring Cameras Record All The Time? So, your answer is here. The popularity of Ring cameras has exploded in recent years. Users can view and record footage of their property when they are not on site. Many Ring camera enthusiasts wonder whether the camera system records continuously or only when movement occurs.

Do Ring Cameras Record All The Time? Here is Answer

Ring cameras do not continuously record and store footage when you are away from your property. In contrast, the camera system is set to record when motion is detected. Using the company’s premium plan will allow you to monitor your home continuously. 

A hotly debated topic online is whether Ring cameras record and store footage continuously. The Ring camera is designed to record only some of the time since it consumes too much storage space and burns batteries (if it isn’t hardwired).

Continuous recording can add an additional layer of security and peace of mind. Here, we’ll explain how Ring cameras really record and explore the different recording options available.

Does Ring Camera Record Continuously?

Do you ever wonder if your Ring video doorbell is recording everything that happens on your doorstep? Ring Video Doorbell Cameras do not record continuously on their own. However, you can enjoy continuous recordings with Ring Protect Plans.

The Ring Alarm system requires a subscription if you want 24/7 professional monitoring. There is a limit of one address per subscription with both the Free and Basic plans, but you can monitor up to five addresses through the Plus plan.

For continuous recording, Ring’s advanced software and app require a subscription. Don’t despair, though! There may be some limitations to continuous recording with Ring Doorbells, but it is possible. A Ring Basic package allows continuous recording of video over a three-day period, as well as unlimited cloud storage for 60 days. Alternatively, Ring Plus offers unlimited recording for an unlimited number of devices and a lifetime warranty.

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When Will My Ring Camera start recording?

When Motion is Detected:

ring camera motion detection

An excellent feature sets Ring cameras apart from other security companies. Your recordings won’t be missed, thanks to their motion detection technology. You will receive a notification on your smartphone when motion is detected.

You can customize the recording length of the Ring to capture the action. Your essential moments will always be noticed with motion-triggered recording. You can access your recordings anywhere, anytime, with Ring Cloud.

When Someone Presses The Ring Doorbell:

When someone rings your doorbell, the Ring camera system records it and securely stores it so you can rest assured. There’s more! You can view a live recording on your smartphone and even take action if necessary. If someone knocks on your door, you’ll know instantly – and you’ll always be in control with Ring.

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Can the Ring Camera be set to record continuously? 

The Ring doorbell will keep you safe while you’re away from home. Any activity will automatically be captured and stored in your cloud account. Ring offers a variety of monitoring options, so you can choose whether you want continuous monitoring or motion alerts only.

In spite of this, their continuous recording plans are not free. A variety of subscription plans are available, including basic, pro, and elite, which offer video monitoring, cloud storage, and video sharing.

Elite plans even include professional installation and support! With the Protect Plus plan, you can protect unlimited Ring devices with the same features and a lifetime warranty.

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Does Ring Record 24/7?

Does Ring Record 24/7

No, Ring Doorbells and Security Cameras do not record 24/7. Instead, these “smart” doorbells will begin recording only after detecting an event. The Ring starts recording on motion but does not record continuously.

The Ring device will begin recording video when something enters its field of view. It could be a person, an animal (such as a cat or dog), or a car. When an event occurs, a notification will be sent to you (that can be customized).

Live video is also available 24/7 from your doorbell. The video is streamed directly to your smartphone and is not recorded.

Why Doesn’t the Ring Record 24/7?

There are two main reasons why your Ring Doorbell or Security Camera records in bursts:

  1. Battery Life: Ring doorbells and cameras can be powered by batteries or hardwired. If a Ring camera or doorbell was recording 24/7, the batteries would need recharging every day.
  2. Video Storage: Video consumes a lot of storage space. The cost of storing this on a device or in the cloud would be quite high. Additionally, streaming this video to the cloud would consume a significant amount of bandwidth and may cause your internet connection to slow down.

Most users don’t need 24/7 recording. The ability to see when people arrive or packages are delivered is sufficient for a doorbell or home security camera.

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How Long Does Ring Doorbell Record For?

Ring doorbells and cameras can record from 15 seconds to 120 seconds. It is possible to change this setting. The longer the video recording, the faster it drains your Ring’s devRingttery. Most things seem to work well with 30 seconds.

Can You Customize Your Ring Camera’s Recording Settings?

In spite of the fact that Ring Cameras do not offer continuous recording, you can fine-tune the settings to maximize video capture:

  • Video Length:

When motion or a doorbell ring triggers a video recording, decide how long you want the recording to last. There are 20 to 120 second options available to you.

  • Motion Settings:

Make changes to the detection range and sensitivity settings to catch the most important events and minimize false alarms.

  • Alerts:

Get alerts when someone rings your Ring doorbell, or motion is detected by your Ring app so you are never left in the dark.

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Do You Need Ring Subscription to View Recordings?

Yes. A Ring Subscription is required to view past recordings of events. The app will still let you view live video and receive notifications if motion is detected without a subscription. In other words, you won’t be able to use all the features of a Ring doorbell without a subscription.

How do Ring Protect Plans work with Ring Video Doorbells?

Learn how Ring Protect plans can help you get the most out of your video recording with Ring Video Doorbells.

Ring Protect Basic Plan:

Ring Protect Basic Plan members receive several benefits, including a 60-day video recording. This plan allows your Ring Video Doorbell to record videos when it detects motion, when someone presses the doorbell, or if you peek through the live view in the Ring app. You can review and download these video clips in the cloud for up to 60 days.

Ring Protect Plus Plan:

In addition to all the goodies of the Ring Protect Basic Plan, the Ring Protect Plus Plan offers even more. It also expands the video recording storage to cover all your Ring devices. In addition, Ring Alarm systems include professional monitoring as well. Getting the most out of your Ring security devices is like getting VIP treatment for your home.

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The Ring Offers 24/7 Recording Feature In The Future?

Despite the premium monthly subscription plan, Ring cameras do not currently offer 24/7 recording.

Ring cameras announced in 2018 that they would offer 24/7 recording systems for wired cameras. Users could continuously record any predetermined area in their properties by paying a monthly fee.

Ring’s 24/7 recording feature is exclusive to wired Ring cameras, as the constant recording would drain even the most powerful wireless video doorbells within a few hours. Ring cameras haven’t lived up to their promise for various reasons, but those reasons aren’t found to have been made public.

Customers have switched to Ring’s direct competitors due to the need for the desired feature. Many wonder if the company will implement its promised system because it refuses to implement it.

If consumers value 24/7 recording systems highly, they should choose a competitor if Ring does not offer it in the future.

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Smart Doorbells and Cameras with 24/7 Recording in the US & Australia

Nest’s Wired Video camera, now available in the US & Australia, records 24/7, although you need to subscribe to Nest Aware to get access.

You can also record 24/7 video with Eufy cameras when you use an SD card. A great thing about Eufy cameras is that there is no ongoing subscription fee.

Final Thoughts:

Even with Ring Protect, you won’t be able to record continuous video with your Ring Cameras. It takes action to respond to specific events, such as motion or a doorbell press. Using Ring Protect, you can easily review and download these event-triggered recordings, enhancing your video recording capabilities. Ensure you capture the events that matter most for your home security by tweaking your device settings.

As against other security cameras, Ring cameras claim they do not record permanently, are time-consuming, and consume a great deal of battery power, opting instead to record only the most crucial and valuable footage. The Ring team of engineers will implement the system in the coming years, but it will be released to the public once it is perfected.


  • Why is my Ring camera not recording?

Check your Motion Zones and other Motion Settings if your Ring camera is not recording. The Motion Frequency should be set to Frequent if your doorbell is battery-operated. Reboot your doorbell using the Ring app. Make sure your RSSI, or signal strength, is good.

  • How to stop the Ring camera from recording?

Under Smart Alerts in the Ring app, you can disable video recording on your Ring doorbells and cameras.

  • How to tell if a Ring camera is recording?

The Ring cameras and doorbells show a light when they’re recording or watching a live view, and they send motion alerts to your phone. To record videos, you need a Ring camera storage plan.

  • Does the Ring camera light up when recording?

The LED on Ring cameras will glow continuously in blue while recording. During software updates, the LED blinks briefly and then remains on for about two seconds. When you use the two-way audio feature, a slow, pulsing blue light will appear.

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