What Does Red Light on Ring Camera Mean (5 Easy Fixes)

Red Light on Ring Camera

If you installed a Ring camera at home or at work, you may have noticed a red light. Normally, this is a concern, as it suggests that something may be wrong with your device. It may be confusing for you if you install a Ring camera and the Ring camera goes offline; it does not turn on or has a red light on Ring camera, so you may wonder:

What does the red light on the Ring camera mean? There are several things that could cause this, including the battery or software update settings being changed without your knowledge. You should know what the red light on Ring camera means so you can fix the issue and get your device back to normal.

There is a possibility that the camera was shipped to you in a damaged state, which may result in the red light on the Ring camera. Don’t worry. We can help you solve any problem quickly and easily. In this article, we’ll explain what the red light on a Ring camera means and how to fix this issue so you can get back to using it.

What Do Red Lights On Ring Camera Mean?

The Ring Camera user manual doesn’t explain these lights, so you’ve come to the right place. According to the corporation, everyone should know better when they see a red light.

However, we’ve narrowed down the causes of a solid or blinking red light on your Ring Camera. Infrared sensors, faulty LEDs, and wrong WiFi passwords are among others.

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1. Failed Setup:

The most common reason may be that you could not properly set up the Ring camera. A blinking red light on the Ring camera indicates that the setup failed.

2. The Ring Camera Operates In A Low-Light or Dark Environment.

It is possible to activate the red light with a click as well. Ring Indoor Cams are equipped with infrared sensors that activate at night.

A PIR sensor on Ring Indoor Cam activates the infrared camera when the light level drops or the room becomes dark. It automatically switches to night mode when there is not enough light for the camera to function normally.

The light will turn on in [HOME] mode regardless of whether motion notifications are recorded or transmitted.

The red indicator will automatically turn off when you activate the light. The red lights on the Ring Spotlight Camera will automatically turn off when the floodlights are turned on.

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3. Ring camera LED Failed To Work (Contains Errors)

An LED error indicator is the last possible explanation, but it’s not the least likely. There is a problem with the LED on your Ring camera(s).

The LED light on Ring cameras and doorbells display the status or action of your cameras, so it’s difficult to see what’s going on.

4. Enter Incorrect Password:

The red light on your Ring camera is usually caused by incorrect password entry. Ring cameras fail to connect to the network when this occurs. As a result, you won’t be able to use any Wi-Fi-based functions. You need to enter the correct password to connect Ring camera to WiFi.

You may see errors that are different from what they seem or find incorrect information, among other things. How do you overcome this obstacle? Do you know what to do when the Ring Doorbell flashes red?

How to Fix Red Light on Ring Camera?

How to Fix Red Light on Ring Camera

You can take some troubleshooting actions if the red light on the Ring camera or Doorbell is on for any reason. You may need to follow these instructions to fix the red light on the Ring camera.

1. Understanding the Solid Red Light on Ring Camera:

A solid red light on the Ring camera usually indicates a problem with its power supply. The purpose of this indicator is to attract your attention and prompt you to take action. A red light indicates that your camera might not function properly and need to be repaired.

2. Power Supply Issues:

The power supply is one of the most common causes of a solid red light on Ring cameras. Here are some possible causes and fixes:

Damaged or Loose Power Cable:

Make sure your Ring camera’s power cable is connected properly. A loose or damaged connector may not provide a stable power connection. Ensure the cable is properly plugged in, or replace it if necessary.

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Insufficient Power:

There may be insufficient power supplied to your Ring camera by its power source if the Red light on the Ring camera. The power supply must meet the manufacturer’s specifications, and the power adapter provided by Ring must be used.

Power Outages or Electrical Issues:

Ring cameras can be affected by power outages or electrical issues in your area. Check if any other devices are experiencing power issues to determine if this is the cause.

3. WiFi Connectivity Issues:

Ring camera wifi issue

Problems with WiFi connectivity could also cause the solid red light on Ring camera. Consider the following factors:

Wrong WiFi Password:

Verify that the WiFi password you enter in your Ring camera settings matches that provided by your internet service provider. Your camera may not be able to connect to the network if the password is incorrect.

Weak WiFi Signal:

Your Ring camera may not be able to connect to the internet if your WiFi signal strength is low. To improve the signal, reposition your router or install a WiFi extender and see if other devices in the area are having connectivity problems.

Network Firewall or Router Settings:

The Ring camera may not be able to connect to your router if you have specific network settings or firewall configurations. Ensure your router doesn’t block any ports or protocols for the camera to work properly.

4. App Compatibility and Firmware Updates:

A solid red light on Ring cameras can occasionally display when their firmware needs to be updated or when the app isn’t compatible.

Ring App Compatibility:

Your Ring app may not be compatible with your camera’s firmware if you recently updated the app on your smartphone. You can try uninstalling and reinstalling the Ring app or contact Ring support to find out what you need to do.

The firmware is outdated:

Make sure your Ring camera has no pending firmware updates. By keeping your firmware up-to-date, you’ll be able to take advantage of the e newest features, bug fixes, and security patches.

5. Reset The Ring Camera:

If the red light on the Ring camera is still flashing red after reinstalling the Ring app, you may need to reset the Ring camera.

To reset the Ring camera, you need to press and hold the SETUP button for around 20 seconds. When The Ring camera is reset, everything is restored to factory settings.

How to turn off night vision on the Ring camera?

Depending on the Indoor Camera’s Mode, you can change your Ring Camera’s behavior in certain ways.

It is possible to turn off the red light on the Ring camera and click noise when you are at home in case they become a nuisance. To turn off night vision on Ring camera, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Ring App.
  2. Click on the app menu button in the top left corner.
  3. Choose Ring Camera and click on Devices to configure it.
  4. In the Device Settings, select Video Options.
  5. You can turn off the night vision infrared lights by toggling the switch.

It is important to note that if you turn off the ring light, the camera will perform worse in low-light conditions. Don’t forget to turn it back on when you also leave the house.


A solid red light on the Ring camera means there’s a problem with the power supply or the internet connection. You can usually fix the red light on the Ring camera problem by checking your power source, WiFi connection, firmware, and app compatibility. Don’t hesitate to get Ring’s support team to help you fix your camera if all else fails.


  • Why is the light on my Ring camera red?

A red light on the Ring camera indicates that it is using infrared light for night vision. This light will turn on when the room is sufficiently dark.

  • How do I know if my Ring camera is recording?

Is my Ring camera recording? A light appears on Ring’s cameras and doorbells when they record or if someone is watching a live view. They can also send you motion alerts. If you want to record videos with your Ring camera, you will need to buy a storage plan.

  • What is the red and green light on the Ring?

During charging, the Ring battery’s red and green LED lights will be on. Only the green LED light will remain on after it is fully charged.

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