Do Ring Cameras Work Without WiFi? (Detailed Explanation)

Do Ring Cameras Work Without WiFi

Today, smart security tools are common for 24/7 indoor, outdoor, and even home surveillance. Besides providing security, these smart gadgets also offer remote monitoring. In 2024, smart security cameras such as the Ring, Blink, and Wyze are likely to be reliable. The Ring Security Camera and Doorbells are one of the most popular smart security devices today. Ring devices allow users to view and remotely hear what’s happening at home. However, many homeowners wondered whether Ring Cameras work without WiFi.

A WiFi network and stable internet connection are required to use Ring’s cameras and doorbells. Your Ring device cannot send security alerts/notifications or stream live video and audio feeds to your smartphone without an internet connection.

This article explains everything homeowners need to know about do Ring Cameras work without WiFi.

What is Ring Camera

A Ring Camera product includes a video doorbell and a security camera. In 2018, Amazon acquired Ring, a company that records high-definition video, detects motion, transmits audio two-way, and connects to smartphones. Using the Ring app on your smartphone, you can monitor your home remotely, get motion alerts, and even speak to intruders and visitors.

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How Does the Ring Security Camera Work?

Ring security systems are available in different formats. In some models, there is complete equipment such as sensors, while in others, there is a camera suitable for indoors and outdoors.

There are wireless and wired models, and both can be controlled with apps. In some models, Ring security cameras use high-definition lenses with wide fields of view to capture video and audio.

When the cameras detect motion, they begin recording and turn on.

Users can monitor the camera live via a live stream by using a smartphone app or computer. Cloud storage allows users to access captured video footage at any time.

In some Ring cameras, microphones and speakers are built-in for two-way communication. Users can use the Ring app to communicate with someone close to the camera, improving convenience and security.

Several Ring devices offer night vision technology that allows them to capture clear footage in low light. They can be powered by batteries or by a cable. 

A ring camera sends alerts and messages to the user’s smartphone when motion is detected, ensuring that the user is notified of any potential security threats as soon as they occur. They can work with other devices like smart locks and doorbells in a smart home ecosystem. 

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Do Ring Cameras Need Internet To Work?

A WiFi connection is different from an internet connection. WiFi is a wireless technology that utilizes radio waves to connect devices to the web. As a result, Ring devices require a WiFi network and a stable internet connection in order to function properly.

Ring devices, including the Doorbell Elite, can be wired Ethernet-connected rather than connected to a WiFi network. You can still record footage with your Ring Camera without an internet connection, but you cannot access it until you reconnect the device.

What is the importance of WIFI for Ring Security Cameras?

It is important to understand how WIFI is integrated into the operation of Ring wireless cameras before you can assess the effects of not having it. Remote monitoring, cloud storage, wireless device configuration, and notifications are included in Ring devices.

Setting up a wireless Ring device

Wireless Ring devices connect to your home’s WiFi network without simple wiring. You can easily install and place the devices around your home this way.

Online Cloud Storage

With WiFi, ring cameras can safely transfer video footage to the cloud. Cloud storage protects your video recordings even if the camera is damaged or stolen. You can view and access these recordings at any time.

Remote viewing

You can monitor your property remotely with WiFi access in real-time. You can view the live stream from your Ring cameras via a computer or smartphone app at work or on vacation.


Ring devices instantly alert and notify you via WiFi when motion is detected. The notifications allow you to respond immediately and investigate potential security issues in real-time.

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Which Cameras Need WiFi?

Does Ring Camera Need WiFi

To set up the Ring camera, simply use the Ring App on your smartphone over WiFi. In contrast, Video Doorbell Elite and Stick Up Cam Elite indoor/outdoor security cameras can only be operated via wired Ethernet connections thereafter. The cameras still need an active internet connection to communicate with the Ring app.

The following cameras also support 5GHz dual-band WiFi, as well as 2.4GHz WiFi:

  • Ring Video Doorbell Pro
  • Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2
  • Ring Video Doorbell 3
  • Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus
  • Ring Video Doorbell 4
  • Ring Video Doorbell Elite
  • Floodlight Cam Wired Plus
  • Floodlight Cam Wired Pro
  • Spotlight Cam Pro

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Can Ring Camera Work without WiFi?

Yes, you can record and monitor your home with both wired and wireless Ring security cameras. However, weak connections or lack of WiFi will limit some of the security camera’s functions. WiFi connectivity is required for the full functionality of Ring security cameras. If the WiFi connection is lost, they usually have built-in batteries to provide limited operation.

A single charge of the Ring Stick Up Cam Battery can last up to six months. In this timeframe, it still detects motion and records events even without a WiFi connection. A depleted battery will not enable the camera to function until it is recharged and reconnected to WiFi.

A stable WiFi connection is required for Ring cameras to offer their full range of features and remote access.

Does Ring Camera Need WiFi:

No, Ring cameras do not need a WiFi connection to work. However, some Ring camera features cannot be used without an internet connection. Ring cameras can operate without a WiFi connection but have some limitations when using offline features. These features are listed below.

  1. Real-time Notifications: Ring cameras do not function without WiFi. So homeowners cannot use the live-streaming feature. The homeowner is also unable to monitor their property remotely due to real-time notifications of suspicious activity or visitors not being sent to their smartphones.
  2. Cloud Storage Feature: Ring cameras offer cloud storage plans for recording videos. Cloud storage is not possible without an internet connection. The WiFi outage will prevent remote access to any recordings made.
  3. Two-Way Communication: Ring cameras require an internet connection to communicate with visitors. The built-in speaker and microphone of the Ring camera cannot be used without WiFi.
  4. Firmware Updates: Ring regularly updates its firmware to improve the cameras’ functionality and security. The camera typically downloads and installs these updates automatically when it is connected to WiFi. WiFi may prevent homeowners from receiving crucial updates, potentially compromising camera performance.
  5. Remote Access: The Ring app provides remote access and control of Ring cameras, one of their key features. Without WiFi, homeowners will lose this convenience.

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Ring Camera Offline Features:

Although Ring cameras are primarily Wi-Fi-based, they can also be used temporarily without a network connection. The offline capabilities ensure users can still access certain functionalities during WiFi outages.

  1. Motion Detection: Ring cameras feature motion-detection sensors that can function without WiFi. Motion detection can trigger a recording on the SD card or a siren integrated into the camera to deter intruders. Despite not having internet access, these offline capabilities still provide security.
  2. Local Storage: Some Ring cameras support SD cards as an alternative storage option. It allows the camera to record and save videos locally even when it’s not connected to a WiFi network. However, real-time monitoring and remote access require a live internet connection.
  3. Reconnection to WiFi: Ring cameras auto-reconnect to WiFi when the connection is restored. With the Ring app, you will be able to stream live video, access cloud storage, and use the device remotely.


Ring cameras provide some limited functionality without WiFi. However, an active internet connection is necessary for optimal performance. It is essential to have WiFi connectivity to monitor and store video, update firmware, and access the camera remotely. Ring cameras can be best used with a stable WiFi network to maximize their potential and provide peace of mind to homeowners.

The majority of Ring camera devices require WiFi to function. A Ring Alarm with Ring Edge for local recording still uses WiFi to deliver the video to the camera. After initial setup, a few Ring Elite devices can use wired Ethernet for both power and data.

FAQs About Do Ring Cameras Work Without WiFi:

Can Ring cameras record locally?

Micro-SD card slots aren’t available on Ring cameras, but they are on the Ring Alarm Pro hub. The Ring Alarm Pro hub will support video storage once the Ring Edge feature is available once you subscribe to this plan.

Can Ring devices use cellular backup?

Ring Alarm security systems offer cellular backup options for internet connections. If you subscribe to the Ring Protect Pro plan, the base station comes with a built-in eero WiFi 6 mesh router and a cellular backup radio.

Can you set up Ring cameras without WiFi?

No, a stable WiFi connection is required for ring cameras to function properly. A mobile hotspot can be used if a stable internet connection is not available to you.

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