Blink Camera Blue Light Meaning & How To Fix It

Blink Camera Blue Light Meaning

Blink cameras are Wi-Fi-enabled security solutions that let you monitor your surroundings from anywhere. Blink Cameras sometimes flash blue. This is a common problem that’s usually caused by a network or connectivity issue. When the Blink camera’s LED blinks blue, it’s in ‘Setup Mode.’ This means it’s ready to connect to another device, like a … Read more

Blink Armed vs Disarmed Mode: Detailed Explanation

Blink Armed vs Disarmed

In all Blink security systems, arming and disarming are key features. In short, it determines how blink devices or security systems respond to motion detection, alerts, and motion recording. So, what does armed or disarmed mode mean on Blink? Blink Armed vs Disarmed:When the blink system is armed, the camera detects motion, starts recording, and … Read more

Does Blink Work With Google Home (2 Ways to Connect it)

Does Blink Work With Google Home

Yes, Blink WiFi cameras and doorbells work with Google Home, But you cannot directly integrate your Blink devices with Google Home. You can connect Blink cameras and doorbells with Google Home through IFTTT or the SmartThings app. Blink security cameras do not integrate with Google Home or Google Assistant. However, there are ways to connect … Read more

Blink Camera Not Working (5 Easy Solutions)

Blink Camera Not Working

Blink company produces a range of the most affordable security cameras, which is why it has gained many users. If you are a user and found us on this website, is your Blink camera not working? Do you want to know why is my blink camera not working and how to solve it? Your blink … Read more

Blink Camera Not Recording (Causes and 8 Easy Solutions)

Blink Camera Not Recording

A Blink Camera plays a vital role in ensuring the safety and security of our homes. However, the problem of “Blink Camera Not Recording” can be frustrating. The Blink Camera is a popular home security choice, and today, we’re diving into the world of Blink cameras. To keep an eye on your home, a wireless … Read more