Blink Camera Not Recording (Causes and 8 Easy Solutions)

Blink Camera Not Recording

A Blink Camera plays a vital role in ensuring the safety and security of our homes. However, the problem of “Blink Camera Not Recording” can be frustrating.

The Blink Camera is a popular home security choice, and today, we’re diving into the world of Blink cameras. To keep an eye on your home, a wireless battery-powered camera can be used indoors and outdoors.

This comprehensive guide will explore the common reasons behind the Blink Camera Not Recording problem and provide effective solutions to get your Blink camera back on track.

Why Is My Blink Camera Not Recording?

Your Blink camera not recording because it’s disconnected from your network, set incorrectly, or your system isn’t armed. To get clips from your camera, ensure the camera is armed, and motion detection and recording are enabled.

Here are some common reasons why your Blink Camera Not Recording or working.

  • Your camera is disconnected from the network and offline.
  • Poor network signal is insufficient to support camera operations.
  • The camera has been set incorrectly – no motion detection, recordings are not being made, the sensitivity level is too high, etc.
  • The Blink camera system is disarmed.
  • There is no active storage plan attached – local or cloud.
  • Sync module issues with local storage
  • There is a problem with the power supply – the battery is low, or the wiring needs to be corrected.

That said, Blink offers both local and cloud storage. You need Sync Module 2 to record and store your Blink camera clips locally. Local storage plays a backup role with a subscription.

Blink offers a one-month free trial to its cloud subscription after setting and installing. This is a taster of the features and services you can expect when you pay to play. When your trial expires, your Blink camera won’t record unless you switch to local storage.

You get Live streaming via the app, Motion detection alerts, and Two-way audio right out of the box without a cloud subscription or trial. The additional features of Blink can only be obtained by becoming a subscriber or transferring clips to local storage if you are a subscriber.

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Recording Functions Of Blink Camera:

How Blink Cameras Record?

The blink cameras use motion detection to record short video clips when they detect movement. Blink then stores these clips in the cloud for easy access through the app. The cameras also provide two-way audio, allowing you to communicate with anyone on the other side of the lens.

Recording Settings:

You can customize the recording settings of your Blink Camera with Blink App, such as clip length and retrigger time. You can customize the camera’s performance depending on your needs and preferences.

Find out How to set up Blink Outdoor Camera by reading this article.

Blink Camera Not Recording: Common Causes And Solutions

You can track what transpired on your camera’s view by recording it and playing it back.

The other day, I saw someone complaining that their smart camera missed some recordings, only to find that their car had no tires. Oh my gosh! That must have been heartbreaking. Somebody jammed their network.

To return to our problem, how do you get your blink camera to record? Here are a few causes and troubleshooting solutions to help you confirm your setup is correct;

1. Make sure your camera is online:

If yourBlink Camera Not Recording, make sure that your camera is online. The Blink camera must be online and connected to the cloud servers to detect and record motion events.

A camera connection status is displayed on the device settings tab of the Blink App. The Wi-Fi connection and sync module are shown here. Except for Blink Mini, all other Blink cameras require a sync module.

The “camera to Wi-Fi connection” and “camera to sync module” statuses should have at least two Wi-Fi bars. It may be a case of a poor network connection preventing your camera from recording if you only have one bar.

Solid GREEN and BLUE LED lights indicate that the sync module is online. If the cloud connection isn’t working, check the app.

You can boost the signal strength by restarting your devices (the camera, Sync Module, and Network router).

2. Weak WiFi Signal:

Blink Camera Not Recording wifi problem

Check your WiFi signal strength If your Blink Camera Not Recording. The recording capabilities of your Blink Camera can be affected by a weak or unstable internet connection, which will cause problems. Check your connection works correctly by running a speed test on your computer or smartphone.

If your Wi-Fi signal is weak, you may need to move your router closer to your camera, or you may need to use a Wi-Fi extender to ensure you get the strongest signal.

3. Check your camera’s Motion Detection settings.

Check your camera’s Motion Detection settings If your Blink Camera Not Recording. If your camera doesn’t detect motion, you might have incorrect motion detection settings. Adjust the sensitivity and activity zones in the Blink App to ensure the camera captures the desired areas.

Motion detection and recording must be enabled on each camera for the blink system to record.

During an armed blink system, an event triggers the camera to detect motion, start recording, and send an alert.

Alternatively, a disarmed system disables all the security features, which means that any motion will not trigger them. When the running man icon is gray, the camera is disarmed, while when it is blue, it is armed.

The “Armed/Disarmed” toggle buttons are on the bottom right of the home screen. Depending on your needs, you can switch between states. Besides arming and disarming the camera or system, its settings also affect its functionality.

Why Is My Blink Camera Not Recording

Make sure your camera settings are correct. You can access your camera settings page by tapping the three dotted lines;

  • Motion Detection – Make sure to have the motion detection toggle enabled on the camera
  • Zones – Activity and Private zones define the camera field of view focus area.
  • Motion Sensitivity – The scale defines how easily motion events trigger your camera. The sensitivity bar on my Blink outdoor cam should be set to 7.
  • Motion Recording – Ensure your camera’s motion recording is enabled.

The article Blink Camera Not Detecting Motion (7 Easy Steps) will help you if you have problems with motion detection on your Blink camera.

4. Battery Problem:

Blink Camera Not Recording

One of the most common reasons for a Blink Camera not recording a video is dead batteries. Replace them with fresh ones and see if the issue is resolved.

5. What are your storage options?

As mentioned earlier, Blink Camera does not record motion clips without a storage plan. There are two ways to store data with Blink: locally with the Sync module 2 or from the cloud with the Blink subscription plan.

It is also possible to combine both plans. On the other hand, the local storage is only used as a backup, and a PC is the only device that can view the clips.

Do you have an active storage plan for your system? The Blink security system only offers motion alerts and live viewing without one.

Blink offers the following storage options at the end of its free trial period or none at all. Most of Blink’s features are hidden behind cloud subscription plans – you must pay to use them.

On the Blink app, confirm your active subscription is attached to the appropriate cameras. You can check the remaining capacity for local storage by opening the Blink app, selecting the sync module, and tapping Local storage.

You can only delete one clip at a time with local storage. To free up storage, safely eject the thumb drive from the module, connect to a PC, and mass delete clips.

6. Sync Module Troubleshooting:

It is important to note that the Sync Module is a crucial component of the Blink Camera system. Your cameras are connected to the internet, and their settings are managed by it. When your Blink camera not recording, there may be a problem with the Sync Module. The camera may not be able to record in this case.

Ensure your Wi-Fi network is connected and the Sync Module is powered on. When it is offline, you can reset it by unplugging it for 10 seconds and then plugging it back in.

7. Update The Blink App:

 Update The Blink App

If your Blink Camera Not RecordingEnsure that everything is configured correctly in your Blink App settings. This includes motion detection settings, clip lengths, and retrigger times.

I recommend that you make sure you use the latest version of the Blink app. The recording capabilities of your camera may be affected by outdated versions.

8. Avoiding Obstructions:

The best way to optimize your Blink Camera is to position it at 7-10 feet and angle it slightly downward. It will provide the best coverage and minimize false triggers due to pets or passing vehicles.

Ensure no obstructions are blocking the camera’s view, such as branches or furniture. This way, motion detection will work effectively, and clear video will be captured.


Blink cameras offer reliable security for your home, but their failure to record can be frustrating. Addressing the issue of “Blink Camera Not Recording” is crucial to home security. With the proper knowledge and troubleshooting steps, users can ensure seamless operation of their Blink Cameras.

It is essential to promptly address connectivity, settings, storage, and power supply concerns to ensure your Blink Camera remains effective. Using the troubleshooting steps described in this article, you can ensure your Blink camera works correctly. If the “Blink Camera Not Recording” problem persists or you face other issues, Contact Blink customer Support.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

•      Why is my Blink camera not recording?

Many issues exist, such as connectivity issues, low battery power, and malfunctioning motion sensors. This article provides detailed troubleshooting instructions.

•      What is the battery life of a Blink Camera?

The batteries of Blink Cameras last for up to two years, depending on how they are used and the settings they are set to. The batteries must be replaced when they reach low levels to ensure continuous recording.

•      Do Blink cameras require a subscription to record videos?

A subscription plan is available for additional cloud storage and features but is unnecessary for basic functionality. Blink Cameras can be used without a subscription, but storage capacity and some features may be limited.

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