SimpliSafe Doorbell Installation ( 6 Easy Steps)

SimpliSafe Doorbell Installation

Would you like to add an extra layer of security and convenience to your home with a Simplisafe Doorbell? You can start upgrading your home’s exterior by installing one of these doorbells.

SimpliSafe Doorbell installation is the perfect solution for anyone experiencing intruder problems or wanting peace of mind! This post will walk you through the steps of the SimpliSafe doorbell.

Easily install and set up the SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro to enhance your SimpliSafe security system. No additional requirements are required. Install your new video doorbell by following this straightforward guide.

Why SimpliSafe?

SimpliSafe is a trusted name in home security, and their doorbell is no exception. Its features, such as HD video and two-way audio, make it a game-changer for those looking to improve the security of their home.

SimpliSafe provides top-quality security solutions, and installing their doorbell demonstrates their commitment to providing user-friendly tools.

With the SimpliSafe Doorbell installation guide, you can enhance the security of your home. Look at How To Install SimpliSafe Doorbell and start protecting your home right now.

Tools for installation:

You will need the following equipment For SimpliSafe Doorbell installation:

  • A screwdriver kit with a regular screwdriver is included.
  • Drill with an appropriate drill bit.
  • Level 
  • SimpliSafe Doorbell
  • Doorbell mounting screws, anchors, and power kit.
  • An 18 Poweroorbell power supply adapter is also required if you don’t already have a pre-installed doorbell.

How To Install SimpliSafe Doorbell: (Step-By-Step)

How To Install SimpliSafe Doorbell

Explore the main components of the SimpliSafe Doorbell package, including the doorbell unit and accessories. Before SimpliSafe Doorbell Installation, check out the SimpliSafe kit contents, including brackets, screws, and wiring. The following steps will guide you on how to install SimpliSafe Doorbell easily.

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1. Turn off the Power:

Remove your old doorbell safely by turning off the Power before removing it. Find the circuit breaker switch that is specifically labeled for the doorbell. To cut off the Power, switch off the labels if they are clear.

The doorbell chime will continue to sound when you press the button until the breakers are turned off one by one if there are no labels or they are not sufficiently descriptive.

2. Remove Your Existing Doorbell:

The first step to the SimpliSafe doorbell installation device is disconnecting and removing the current doorbell’s wiring. Skip these steps if there is no existing doorbell.

Obtain an 18 VAC doorbell power supply adapter if you do not have a doorbell. This method allows you to plug in the device nearby. Drill a small hole outside your door where you want to place the doorbell.

3. Wire the Doorbell Power Kit to the existing wiring:

Get a SimpliSafe Doorbell power kit to upgrade your doorbell. You can connect it to your existing wiring or adapter to make installation seamless.

4. Attach the mounting bracket:

Attach the mounting bracket of Simplisafe Doorbell

You can easily mount the doorbell using the mounting bracket included in the package. With the provided screws and anchors, you can hang it in a convenient location near your front door.

5. Install the Doorbell:

Attach your SimpliSafe doorbell to the bracket and adjust the angle for maximum convenience. Ensure that your doorbell remains perfectly straight by using the included level. Ensure seamless installation and peace of mind.

6. Activate Your SimpliSafe Doorbell:

Follow these steps after installation to make sure your smart doorbell works properly:

  • Test the doorbell by turning on the power supply.
  • Press the button to make sure it lights up and triggers the chime inside your house.

The following issues may prevent your doorbell from ringing:

  • Check the wiring connections to the terminals if there are no lights on the doorbell.
  • Your wiring may not be compatible if the doorbell chime doesn’t ring or makes a buzzing noise. From SimpliSafe, request a chime connector.
  • The SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro is not compatible with digital or wireless doorbell chimes and only works with mechanical chimes.

Download the SimpliSafe App And Connect The Doorbell To wifi:

SimpliSafe Doorbell Installation(Download the SimpliSafe App)

After SimpliSafe doorbell installation, We can now download SimpliSafe’s App. You can download the SimpliSafe App on both iPhone and Android devices.

Open the SimpliSafe app. Log in or register a new account. By following these simple steps, you can easily connect your SimpliSafe doorbell with wifi:

  • Open the main menu. ≡
  • Tap My System.
  • Choose General Settings.
  • Tap the Wi-Fi network. Your device will automatically begin scanning for available networks. Make sure your wifi network is discoverable.
  • Select the correct Wi-Fi network.
  • Put your wifi password in.
  • Click on Connect.

How Much Does SimpliSafe Doorbell Installation Cost?

SimpliSafe Doorbell installation costs are determined by the complexity of your installation. The average cost of a basic SimpliSafe Doorbell installation is around $100. Materials and labor may be more expensive for complex jobs. Contact an electrician if you want to know what your project might cost.


SimpleSafe Doorbells are easy to install. With the SimpliSafe Doorbell installation, You can protect your home from criminals and potential hazards with this device’s extra layer of security. Turn any entrance into an impenetrable haven with these instructions.

Install a SimpliSafe Doorbell today and put your safety first! Safeguarding your property and peace of mind couldn’t be easier or more effective. Don’t wait – install one of these revolutionary devices in your own home today. I hope you found this article on how to install SimpliSafe Doorbell helpful. If you are facing any other issues, contact SimpliSafe Support.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQS)

•       What is the voltage requirement for SimpliSafe Doorbell Cameras?

We recommend using a 16-volt adapter with this camera, although voltages ranging from 8 to 24 volts are compatible.

•       Can the SimpliSafe doorbell be used without a chime?

You don’t need a chime box – you need to connect it to wifi to stream. Chimes aren’t required, so don’t worry.

•        Can professional installation be recommended? 

SimpliSafe Doorbell installation yourself is possible, but hiring an electrician for more complex installations is always best. Their expertise and experience will ensure that everything is installed correctly and safely.

•        What is the installation time for the SimpliSafe Doorbell?

Installation typically takes 30 to 45 minutes, depending on your familiarity with similar devices and the existing setup in your home.

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