Nest Thermostat Not Cooling (100% Problem Solved)

Nest Thermostat Not Cooling

When a thermostat malfunctions, unnecessary problems can arise. You may have noticed your Nest thermostat is not cooling despite the system being on. Also, you might have noticed that your Nest thermostat keeps turning off and on unexpectedly.

If your Nest thermostat not cooling, there are several reasons, but the most common is a power outage. Hence, ensure your Nest thermostat receives the power it needs to operate correctly. Sometimes, you must install a Nest power connector or a common wire.

The Nest may not be cooling to set temperature or after a power outage, so take a few troubleshooting steps. And this guide teaches you how to fix it if the Nest thermostat not cooling. The various reasons why your Nest isn’t cooling will also be discussed.

Why is My Nest Thermostat Not Cooling?

Your Nest thermostat may not be cooling and making strange noises such as chattering, stuttering, clicking, etc. The most common reasons for a malfunctioning thermostat are power outages, dead batteries, loose wires, dirty air filters, blocked ducts, or internal problems inside the Nest thermostat that have caused the thermostat to malfunction.

Here are the causes why your Nest thermostat not cooling:

  • Insufficient power supply.
  • The battery may be damaged or dead.
  • The air filter is dirty.
  • Faulty compressor.
  • A leaking or blocked air duct.
  • A loose wire inside the thermostat.
  • There is a problem with the C-wire or common wire.  
  • The circuit breaker is faulty.
  • The Nest software is outdated.
  • Incompatible systems.

Thus, the above-mentioned factors may contribute to the Nest thermostat not cooling. Now, we will discuss the fixes.

Nest Thermostat Not Cooling: How can I fix it?

If your Nest thermostat not cooling, check your energy history. Make sure all wires are fully connected, and no wire is loose. To ensure, re-assemble the nest thermostat wiring. Check if your new thermostat needs maintenance by installing your old thermostat. You may also need to install a C wire or a Nest power connector.

Follow these easy steps to fix the Nest thermostat not cooling issue.

Fix #01: Check your wifi internet:

Why is My Nest Thermostat Not Cooling

If your Nest thermostat not cooling, ensure that your Nest thermostat is connected to the Internet. Your Nest thermostat requires internet access to collect local weather information. You can also connect your Nest thermostat to your Nest App via the Internet.

Your Nest thermostat cannot connect to the Nest App without an internet connection. You may notice your Nest thermostat not cooling to the set temperature. You may also miss Nest thermostat notifications.

Hence, it’s critical to connect your Nest thermostat to the wifi and make sure the Internet is stable.

Nest thermostats can be connected to wifi by following these steps:

  • Click on the “menu” button on the Nest.
  • From “settings”, select “Wifi”.
  • Now, select “Connect to a new network.”
  • Follow the instructions on the Nest thermostat to connect to wifi.

Fix #02: Check if the battery is damaged or low:

Why is My Nest Thermostat Not Cooling

Check your Nest thermostat’s display for a “low battery” message if the Nest thermostat not cooling after a power outage. In case of a missing C wire, your Nest won’t cool at extreme temperatures. Ensure that the Nest thermostat’s battery provides enough power to operate. If the Nest Thermostat battery is damaged or dead, you will need to replace the Nest thermostat battery with a new one.

  • To check your Nest battery.
  • Open the Nest app.
  • Select the Nest thermostat device you want to check the battery on.
  • You can check the battery status of your Nest thermostat by swiping it up.

You can change your Nest thermostat by pulling off the display and connecting it to a USB port if it is below 20%.

Fix #03: Check Nest thermostat wiring:

Nest Thermostat Not Cooling

If your Nest thermostat not cooling to the set temperature, you should check the wiring. Ensure all wiring is in good condition and fix any loose or bent wires. The nest air conditioner may not blow cold because of incorrect or loose wiring. Also, check if the wiring of the nest thermostat needs to be updated. Consider replacing the old wires. Checking wires is crucial if your Nest air conditioner is not cooling correctly.

Hence, ensure the Nest thermostat’s internal wiring is connected correctly.

  • First, disconnect the Nest thermostat from the power socket.
  • Take off the nest display.
  • Make sure Rh, W1, W2, Y1, Y2, and the common wires are correctly connected to their respective terminals.
  • Rewire if wires are loose or damaged.

It is imperative to note here that the Common or C wire is essential in a Nest thermostat. It helps the thermostat continuously draw power from the HVAC system. A problem with the C-wire will result in the Nest thermostat not cooling.

Fix #04: Check the wiring on the old Nest:

After properly checking the nest thermostat wiring, if you can’t see any problem, try to check the wiring on your old nest thermostat. All you have to do is remove the current thermostat from the wall and replace it with the old one. In addition, insert the wires into the respective terminals.

If you see your old Nest working correctly, there is no wiring problem. But, if your old Nest thermostat not cooling, there could be a problem with the Nest thermostat wiring.

Replace the old wire with the new one and check if the thermostat works now.

Fix #05: Check nest device compatibility with the cooling system:

When your Nest thermostat not cooling, it is possible that the Nest thermostat isn’t compatible with your cooling system. In this case, you must check which system is incompatible with the Nest thermostat.

For example, the Nest thermostat isn’t compatible with high voltage or solid fuel cooling systems. High-voltage cooling systems have transformers outside the cooling unit, while low-voltage cooling systems have transformers inside.

Nest thermostats may not work with high-voltage cooling systems. Even if you install it, it may harm your Nest thermostat and cooling device.

Nest thermostats are compatible with low-voltage cooling systems. Hence, always ensure you use the low-voltage cooling system for your Nest thermostat by checking the list of Nest-compatible systems from Google.

Fix #06: Restart the Nest thermostat:

If your Nest thermostat not cooling, restart your Nest thermostat. Restarting the Nest thermostat can fix unknown bugs and may fix the problem. Moreover, it can improve wifi connectivity.

Restarting Nest is, therefore, a good idea.

Turn off your Nest thermostat and wait five minutes before restarting it. Now, connect your Nest thermostat to the power outlet and let it start working.

You can also restart your Nest thermostat using the Nest app:

  • Open the Nest app.
  • Choose the thermostat you want to restart.
  • Then click on “Settings”.
  • Click on “device info”.
  • Finally, press “Restart”.

You can fix your Nest thermostat not cooling issue by restarting your Nest thermostat.

Fix #07: Make sure the circuit breaker is not tripped:

A tripped circuit breaker is imperative for the Nest thermostat’s proper functioning as it helps deliver continuous power to the Nest thermostat. If any circuit breaker switch is turned off, your Nest thermostat will not cool or function properly. Hence, it’s important to double-check your tripper circuit breaker for the optimum performance of your Nest thermostat.

What to do?

  • Open the circuit breaker box to check the tripped breaker.
  • Find the switches in the “off” position.
  • Turn the switch on, off, and back on “ON.” 

Your Nest thermostat should start cooling after you restart the tripped breaker.

Fix #08: The air handler may be faulty:

Air handlers are essential devices used in HVAC systems. The air handler regulates the air through the rooms’ ducts. The Nest thermostat sends various signals to the air handler to control the temperature (such as decreasing temperature, changing fan speed, etc).

In the event of a faulty air handler, your Nest won’t cool. It’s essential to check the air handler to avoid the Nest thermostat not cooling.

Here are a few things to check if your air handler isn’t working:

  • Check the air filter if it’s too dirty.
  • You should check the blower motor to see if it is damaged.
  • Clean or replace the dirty evaporator coils.
  • Replace fused wires and check the critical wiring.

Fix #09: Turn off The Auto-Schedule:

Your Nest thermostat learns about your temperature preferences with the auto-schedule feature. By enabling your Nest thermostat to auto-schedule, your Nest may perform unexpectedly, such as not cooling or not functioning correctly. Therefore, turn off the auto-schedule option.

To turn off auto-scheduling on the Nest thermostat:

  • Open the Nest app.
  • Select the Nest thermostat.
  • Choose the settings.
  • Go to the auto schedule.
  • Click the switch to turn off auto-scheduling.

Fix #10: Factory Reset Your Nest Thermostat:

If you have tried every single troubleshooting fix mentioned above and your Nest thermostat is still not cooling, try factory resetting the Nest thermostat.

Nest thermostats need to be reset to factory settings. It erases all adjustments and customized settings. This action should only be taken as a last resort.

To factory reset the Nest thermostat:

  • Press the ring device to see the “Quick View” menu.
  • Keep rotating the device until you find “Settings.”
  • Choose “Reset” from the settings and press “Restart”.

How do you force the nest thermostat to cool?

Now, if you want to adjust or preset the Nest thermostat temperature, follow the steps below

  • You will need to open the NEST application on your smartphone.
  • Go to the top left corner and tap on the three dots.
  • Select your thermostat (make sure it is in its heat or cooling mood)
  • Hold the temperature by tapping it.
  • Hold it until you set the thermostat count.


I hope you find this guide helpful if your Nest thermostat needs to be cooled. To fix Nest not cooling issues, we learned several easy-to-follow troubleshooting steps.

Start by checking the thermostat settings to see if the thermostat is set to “cool on” mode and the internet wifi and wiring of the nest thermostat. Fix or replace a fused or bent wire. You can also fix the issue by restarting the thermostat. If you face another issue or the problem persists, contact Nest Support for further information.

So, that was all for this guide. I hope you like it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

•       Why is my Nest thermostat not cooling after a power outage

When your Nest thermostat does not cool after a power outage, you need to restart your Nest thermostat manually or by using the Nest app. Factory reset should most probably fix the problem.

•       What can I do to force the Nest to cool?

Choose your Nest thermostat from the list of thermostats in the Nest app. From the settings menu, select “hold temperature”. Keep holding the option until you reach the desired temperature.

•       Why won’t my AC work with Nest?

There could be a problem with nest settings or wiring if your Nest isn’t working with AC. You can fix it by restarting your Nest thermostat.

•       Why is my Nest thermostat not cold?

The C-wire on your Nest thermostat may be damaged or fused if it does not get cold enough. Most of the time, the C wire causes the problem in the Nest thermostat.

•       Is Nest going to tell you if your AC’s broken?

Nest won’t tell you if your AC is broken directly. You’ll get a notification or an email if there’s any potential problem with HVAC, ventilation, or cooling.

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