How to Remove Nest Doorbell (3 Easy Steps)

How to Remove Nest Doorbell

It is important to know How to remove Nest Doorbell, install it to use it, and access the battery compartment for a battery replacement. There were no easy ways to prevent neer-do-wells from stealing the batteries as a prank or scam.

What is Google Nest? This is a line of smart home products developed by Google, which include smart doorbells, smart cameras, smart locks, security systems, routers, smoke detectors, thermostats, streaming devices, smart displays, and smart speakers.

Our comprehensive guide will walk you through the process with detailed instructions and expert advice. The following steps will explain How to Remove Nest Doorbell in a straightforward manner.

What is the Nest Doorbell?

Google Nest provides the best smart detection in a video doorbell through its Nest Doorbell (Battery). This small device makes it easy to communicate with visitors, neighbors, and delivery people. You can view and hear the doorbell camera clearly through the Google Home app and install it in just a few minutes.

It runs on battery power and has a free cloud storage option, two firsts for Google’s doorbell camera lineup. The best feature of Google’s smart detection is that you no longer need a subscription.

  • Superb video quality: The Google Nest Doorbell offers superb video quality with HDR, a 3:4 aspect ratio, and up to six times digital zoom.
  • Smart platform integrations: Nest Doorbell integrated with Google Assistant and Alexa and worked well with other Nest products.
  • Artificial intelligence: The Nest Doorbell distinguished people from moving objects, animals, and vehicles, resulting in notifications that were only needed. And with Nest Aware, we could even name familiar faces, which made our notifications even more specific.

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How to remove Google Nest Doorbell:

It is important to determine whether the Nest Doorbell is battery-powered or wired before removing it. You can use the release tool included in the box to release the wired Nest Doorbell and the battery-powered Nest Doorbell.

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How to Remove Nest Doorbell Battery:

How to Remove Nest Doorbell Battery

A battery-powered doorbell is easier to remove than a wired one. A release tool should be included in the box that came with your Nest Doorbell. This method can remove the Nest Doorbell from its mounting bracket or base.

If you lose the tool, you can replace it with a flathead screwdriver. A screwdriver or tool should be inserted into the hole at the top of the doorbell. When you remove the Nest doorbell from the wall, pull it away.

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How to Remove Nest Doorbell Wired:

How to Remove Nest Doorbell Wired

You may want to remove the Nest Doorbell from your front wall for several reasons. It is easier and less time-consuming to remove the Nest Doorbell from the wall than to install it.

If you have a wired Nest Doorbell and wish to remove it from its base, you will still need the included release tool. Follow these steps to remove the Nest Doorbell.


How to Remove Nest Wired Doorbell

Nest Hello is attached to a wall mount, so you must remove the Nest Doorbell camera from the base. The Nest Hello package includes a release tool that you can use for this purpose or a paperclip that has been unfolded. It is similar to the tool you use to open your phone’s SIM card holder. Insert the release tool into the Nest Hello’s bottom hole.


Using your other hand, press upward while inserting the release tool until the Hello snaps off. Use a little force when pushing the Nest Hello upwards; the camera may come unstuck.


Now, pull the camera away from the wall by gripping the bottom. It will come right off as soon as you remove the Nest Doorbell from its base.

It’s Easy to Install and Uninstall the Nest Hello:

In spite of the compatibility issues, installing the Google Nest Hello is relatively easy. We recommend that you hire an expert unless you are comfortable working with electricity.

Uninstalling the Nest is even easier. Follow the steps in this article to do it yourself.

Did you have any problems uninstalling your Google Nest? If so, how did you resolve them? Feel free to share an easier method to uninstall the bell if you know of one.

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How Much is a Google Nest Subscription?

Using the Google Nest Doorbell as a video doorbell is an excellent option. A subscription is required, however. There are savings of $12 annually, $6 per month, or $60 per year. The Nest Doorbell, speakers, cameras, and displays are all affected.

The Nest Aware Plus subscription unlocks more event video history days and a 24-hour video history for only $12 per year (savings of $24 per year).


The included removal tools can easily remove the Nest Doorbell. When the tool is missing or lost, you can substitute it with everyday objects. You will need a flathead screwdriver to remove the battery-powered doorbell. A paperclip or thumbtack can be used to remove the Nest Doorbell.

Video cam doorbells from Google have all sorts of smart features and app capabilities, but they have to be manually removed from their stands or mounts.


•       How do I reset my Nest Doorbell before removing it?

Follow these steps to reset your Nest Doorbell:

1. In the Nest app, go to device settings.

2. Click “Remove” or “Reset Factory.”

3. Reset your device by following the on-screen instructions.

•       Is it possible to reuse my Nest Doorbell?

Yes, It is possible to reuse your Nest Doorbell at a different location. Be sure to follow the installation instructions and confirm that it is compatible with the new location before reinstalling it.

•       Are Nest Doorbells recyclable?

Yes, Nest doorbells can be recycled if they are in good condition. Check with your local recycling program or visit Nest’s official website for information about properly disposing of and recycling Nest products.

•       Which alternatives are available to Nest Doorbell?

 Several Nest Doorbell alternatives are available, each with unique features and benefits. Ring Doorbell, Arlo Doorbell, and Eufy Doorbell are some Nest Doorbell alternatives.

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