How to Clean Dyson Filter (8 Easy Steps)

How to Clean Dyson Filter

Is the Dyson filter flashing a white or red LED light when cleaning the house? Dyson’s suction power decreases when the filter is clogged with microscopic dust particles. It is important to know how to clean Dyson filter properly to maintain the vacuum cleaner’s suction power.

The only secret to keeping a Dyson vacuum cleaner running at maximum efficiency is to clean Dyson filter thoroughly every month and replace it when it gets old. The process of cleaning the Dyson filter is simple and fast, regardless of whether your machine has one or two filters.

Disassembling and assembling to clean Dyson filter has been simplified by Dyson to make it easier for you to clean the pre- and post-filters. You can clean Dyson filter by rotating the post-filter anti-clockwise, pulling up, and lifting the pre-filter.

How to Clean Dyson Filter (Step-by-Step)

The size of the cleaning areas and the rate of dust accumulation vary from house to house and office to office, despite Dyson’s recommendation that we clean our homes and offices once a month. Therefore, the cleaning rate of your Dyson filter should be determined by how fast dust particles block the filter.

To clean clean Dyson filter use running water and place it in a warm place as it dries. How easy and cheap is it to maintain Dyson vacuums?

Keep the Dyson cyclone running efficiently by following these steps on How to Clean Dyson Filter.

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Step 1. Unplug Your Dyson Vacuum:

Unplug Your Dyson Vacuum

It is not recommended to start Dyson filter cleaning while the Machine is plugged into a charging port. Disconnect the charging cable from your Machine and turn it off. It will protect you from electric shock.

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Step 2. Remove The Dyson Pre-Filter:

Remove The Dyson Pre-Filter

The pre-filter is a purple cone-shaped filter at the top of the cyclone. To clean the Dyson filter, remove it from the cyclone assembly by twisting it and lifting it. The paper filter contained in a plastic holder traps the smallest particles and bacteria while the large particles are sucked into the Dyson bin.

Also, there’s some dirt trapped between them that can only be removed by removing the plastic holder from the paper filter.

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Step 3.  Take Out The Paper Filter From The Plastic Holder:

Take Out The Dyson Vacuum Paper Filter

Using the right tools, you should be able to separate the filter and plastic holder in less than a minute. A wedge knife or screwdriver is the only tool you need to loosen the three catches. Put the screwdriver between the plastic holder and the filter where the catches hold them together with a line gap.

Once you confirm that all the catches are loose, pull up the holder to reveal dirt at the bottom.

Step 4: Remove The Dyson Post-Filter:

Remove The Dyson Post-Filter

It is important to keep the post filter clean as this is the last stage in the cyclone system where dust is trapped. The post filter also traps dust from the rotating carbon-brushed motor.

After rotating the Dyson anti-clockwise, pull off the post filter when the two black dots align.

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Step 5: Remove the Dust from the Filter

To remove clogged dust from the plastic holder and filters, knock them on the bench or bin slightly before running water through them. If you hold the pre-filter upside down and tap it on the sink, most of the dust will eventually fall off, leaving those hidden in the mesh paper.

Use a small brush to clean the plastic holder.

Step 6. Wash The Dyson Vacuum Filters:

Wash The Dyson Vacuum Filters

Run water over the outside of the paper filter as the water flows from the tap. Tap the filter again while shaking it to remove the dirt already loosened by the water. You will need to squeeze and twist the filter with both hands to drain the excess water.

The post filter should be cleaned by running water into the open side and rotating it in a circular motion. To remove larger dust particles held between the walls of the post-filter, tap and shake it as you did with the pre-filter. After you have cleaned the filter of all debris and dust, run the water inside and outside again.

You can remove excess water holding onto the plastic by tapping the filter until all the water drops are removed.

You can clean Dyson filters with vinegar, but you should not use any detergent. Use cold water again.

Step 7. Dry The Dyson Vacuum Filters:

Dry The Dyson Vacuum Filters

Dyson vacuum filters shouldn’t be dried in a microwave, tumble dryer, or on naked flames. The filter should be placed near a window or beside a fan for at least 24 hours in a place with plenty of airflow.

If the filters aren’t completely dry, do not reinstall them in the cyclone system. The motor will be damaged otherwise. You can test the filters for moisture by touching them.

Step 8. Refit The Dyson Vacuum Filters:

Refit The Dyson Vacuum Filters

Refit the pre-filter into the cyclone assembly. The pre-filter is assembled by inserting the paper filter into the plastic holder and pressing it together until it catches the lock. Tighten your pre-filter by twisting it slightly onto the cyclone head and ensuring a small torque.

After refitting the post filter onto your Dyson, rotate it clockwise until the black dot on the post filter aligns with the empty circle.


Knowing how to clean Dyson filters is essential to maintain the device’s performance. If you clean Dyson filters, remove the paper filter from the plastic holder and clean both with cold water. To clean Dyson filters, using a basin filled with three liters of water, swirl the filters and plastic holder three times if there is no running water from the faucet. Tap each filter after each session to remove debris.

Ensure your filters are completely dry by placing them in an open area with good airflow. It takes 24 hours for the filters to dry. Wet filters can short-circuit the motor and cause permanent damage.

How you remove and refit a Dyson filter depends mostly on the model you’re using. A two-filter Dyson vacuum cleaner will have a different cleaning procedure than a one-filter Dyson. I hope the How to Clean Dyson Filter Guide is helpful for you. Thanks for reading. For further information, contact Dyson Customer Support.

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