Shark Robot Vacuum Not Charging (100% Problem Solved)

Shark Robot Vacuum Not Charging

Shark robot vacuums use a rechargeable Li-ion battery with an excellent charge cycle. Rechargeable batteries last longer, but they lose their utility over time.

Some people are worried about their Shark robot vacuum not charging. Several reasons exist, such as a faulty power supply, connection, or a dead battery.

The problem is quite simple. We will troubleshoot why your Shark robot vacuum is not charging and provide steps to get it running.

How Can I Check MyShark Robot is Charging?:

By placing your Shark Robot vacuum on the charging dock, you can check its charging status. When the Shark Robot vacuum’s light blinks from blue to white, it is charging.

Why is My Shark Robot Vacuum Not Charging?

Why is My Shark Robot Vacuum Not Charging

Your Shark Robot vacuum not charging because of a battery issue. There are some of the other reasons below: 

Fault in Power Outlet:   

Facing Shark Robot Vacuum Not Charging? Power supply problems are common culprits. The problem lies with the power outlet itself. A quick check to see if your existing power outlet is doing its job is pretty simple. Check the charging of your Shark Robot vacuum in a different outlet!

Dust On Charging Contacts:

Dust tends to accumulate on the charging contacts as time goes by. Let’s face it: while a vacuum cleaner can spruce up your home, it can’t clean itself! Keeping the charging contacts dust-free reduces the chances of your Shark Robot vacuum facing charging issues.

Shark Robot and Charging Dock:

If the vacuum is not properly placed on the charging dock or if the charging dock is malfunctioning, you may experience charging issues.

If you find this problem, don’t worry; correctly place the Shark robot on the charging port. This thing will solve your charging problem.

If your Shark Robot vacuum not charging because your docking station doesn’t work, but the outlet works, you can buy a replacement dock. They are cheaper than replacing your Shark robot vacuum itself.

Battery Problem:

Shark Robot Vacuum not charging battery might not hold a charge if the battery is old. Battery life and charge cycles of Shark Robort Li-ion batteries are much longer. But you are less likely to face this issue. But over time, rechargeable batteries lapse in their utility and have to change. 

If there is a battery problem and your Shart Robot vacuum not charging, you can replace the battery to solve your charging problem. But Ensure which battery pack you buy is compatible with your Shark vacuum model.

Your Shark Robot is Not Charging? 5 Tips To Fix it:

When your Shark Robot vacuum not charging, there are both basic and advanced reasons that you can face. We’ll tackle each topic one by one to make it easier.

Power Outlet and Power On:

When your Shark Robot vacuum not charging, many people forget this critical point, but it is extremely important. Recharging the Shark Robot vacuum is impossible if it is switched off. Next time you worry about your vacuum cleaner being dead, make sure it’s powered on. The next step should be to confirm that the power outlet is functioning correctly.

Contacts Must be Cleaned:

Shark Robot Vacuum Not Charging

The Shark Robot vacuum has two metal contact points, which must be placed exactly on the charging dock’s metal. If your Shark Robot vacuum not charging, then you need to clean the metal plates regularly to prevent dust buildup over time. It’s important to clean your devices regularly to keep them connected.

Check The Charging Dock:

The Shark Robot vacuum sometimes does not work well, but it may be due to the charging dock. The charging dock may have a problem if the green light does not appear. You can use the same dock on a different power outlet if your Shark Robot Vacuum not charging.

Shark Robot Vacuum Reset:

You can reset the Shark robot vacuum if you face a charging issue. It can help you. You can reset Shark Robot vacuums through the Shark Clean app (Android and iOS) or manually by turning them off and on.

Battery Replacement:

If your Shark Robot Vacuum not charging replacing the battery is the last option if nothing seems to be working. Shark offers a battery replacement service. You can order a replacement battery directly from them. Please ensure you purchase a replacement battery compatible with your Shark Robot vacuum.

Tips for preventing future charging issues:

Here are some ways to extend the battery and overall life of a smart vacuum cleaner: 

Maintain a moderate temperature for the Shark Robot vacuum:

Battery life is affected by both extremely cold temperatures and high humidity. Cold temperatures reduce the battery’s capacity. A battery’s performance degrades quickly if the temperature is too high between charges. So, maintain a moderate temperature for your smart vacuum to extend its battery life.

Clean the brushes regularly:

Clean brushes are a straightforward solution. A dirty brush requires more energy to clean the home, causing the battery to degrade quickly. It is important to regularly clean any debris and dust from the brushes of your Shark Robot vacuum.

Wrap Up:

The best way to keep your space clean is to use a smart vacuum cleaner. Companionship requires care as well. If you clean your Shark Robot vacuum and ensure the metal plates are also clean, it will use less battery. If your device is not charging, please select one of the easy options we discussed earlier.

FAQs: “Shark Robot Vacuum Not Charging.”

Shark Robot vacuums that are not charging can be fixed with these quick fixes. Remember these tips to extend battery life and improve smart vacuum efficiency. Below are some frequently asked questions to help you better understand your Shark Robot vacuum.

How long does it take to charge a shark robot?

According to official estimates from Shark, it takes 3 hours for the Shark robot to charge fully. If the battery is bigger or the health is degraded, it is possible for models to take longer.

Can a Shark robot vacuum battery die over time, or is it replaceable?

Over time, the Shark Robot battery can die due to a faulty battery or improper care. However, the battery is removable and replaceable.

My shark robot vacuum is charging. How do I know?

Make sure to check the base of the Shark Robot vacuum for the color of the light. If the light is green, it means that the vacuum is charging.

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