How To Reset Amazon Smart Plug (4 Easy Steps)

How To Reset Amazon Smart Plug

Amazon Smart Plug is the most used smart plug because of its unique features and affordable price. With Amazon Smart Plug Setup, you can control your home appliances using a voice command or the Amazon Alexa app. However, you may need to know How To Reset Amazon Smart Plug in some cases. How to reset Amazon Smart Plug? To reset Amazon smart plug, follow the step-by-step guide below.

What to Know
• Press and hold the plug button until the LED turns red.
• Wait until the LED blinks blue, indicating that the smart plug has been reset.
• Go to Devices > + > Add Device > Plug > Amazon in your Alexa app, then follow the instructions on the screen.

Why is The Amazon Smart Plug Not Working?

Usually, when an Amazon Smart Plug stops working, it’s due to a connectivity issue. For some reason, the smart plug is unable to connect to your network, or your network settings are incorrect. Reset the Amazon Smart Plug to fix your problem if you have cleared obstructions between the smart plug and the wireless router, and ensure the smart plug has the correct network information.

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NOTE: If your Amazon Smart Plug is blinking red or Alexa cannot find it, then you need to reset Amazon Smart Plug. If resetting does not solve the problem, the plug may be faulty.


• Note that a hard reset Amazon smart plug erases WiFi network information from the Amazon plug’s internal memory.

• If your Amazon smart plug is connected to your WiFi and Amazon account, when you factory reset Amazon Smart Plug, the reset also removes the plug from your Amazon account. So, if you’re resetting the plug to sell, we recommend this procedure. Again, factory reset Amazon Smart Plug removes the plug’s memory and deletes it from your Amazon account.

• Amazon Smart Plugs cannot connect to WiFi networks after being reset. Your Alexa app or Echo speakers will no longer be able to control it. To restore the entire operation after a hard reset, you’ll need to set up the plug again.

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How To Reset Amazon Smart Plug:

Reset Amazon Smart Plug if it isn’t working; resetting it can fix many common problems. You can reset Amazon Smart Plug by following these steps:

  1. Press the button on the side of the Smart Plug after putting the smart plug in a functional power outlet.
  2. Press and hold the button until the Smart Plug’s LED light turns red.
  3. You need to wait for the LED to start blinking blue.
  4. The plug was reset when the LED blinked blue. Before use, You will need to set up the plug again.

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How Can I Reconnect My Amazon Smart Plug?

Reset Amazon Smart Plug

After resetting, you must reconnect your Amazon Smart Plug to your Amazon account again. You can reconnect your Amazon Smart Plug by following these steps:

1. Open the Alexa App and tap Devices. Then tap the + icon.

2. When the Amazon Smart Plug popup appears, tap Continue. If you do not see the popup, tap Add Device> Plug > Amazon > Next.

3. Tap NEXT and SCAN BARCODE. If the barcode is damaged or missing, select DON’T HAVE A BARCODE and follow the instructions on the screen.

4. Scan the barcode on your Amazon Smart Plug. To access the barcode, you will need to unplug the Smart Plug.

5. Connect the Smart Plug to a wall outlet, wait for Alexa to discover it, and wait for Alexa to set up your Amazon Smart Plug.

6. Tap Next.

7. Press SKIP to begin using your plug immediately, or CHOOSE GROUP to add it to a smart home group.

8. Tap DONE.

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Why Is My Smart Plug Not Connecting?

Why Is My Smart Plug Not Connecting

After resetting your Amazon Smart Plug, it won’t automatically reconnect. Reset Amazon Smart Plug removes WiFi network information, so it can’t connect. After you reset Amazon Smart Plug, you must set it up again.

If your smart plug is too far from your WiFi router or your plug is faulty, you cannot discover and set up your Smart Plug with the Alexa App. Weak WiFi signals also cause this problem. Install a WiFi extender or mesh network in your home if your WiFi signal is weak.

It may be faulty if your WiFi signals are strong, but the Smart Plug doesn’t connect. You can use both the barcode scanning method and the alternate method described in the previous section to discover it. You can contact Amazon if neither method works to see if a warranty is available or if you need a replacement.


You can reset Amazon Smart Plug in just a few minutes by following these simple steps. Reset Amazon Smart Plug by unplugging it, holding the button for 12 seconds, watching the blinking LED light, and then setting it up again using the Alexa app. You can reset Amazon Smart Plug and continue using it by following these steps.

If you are facing an issue with the reset Amazon Smart Plug process or need more information, contact Amazon Customer Support.


  • Why is the Amazon Smart Plug not working?

If your Amazon Smart Plug has stopped working, restart it. Unplug your Amazon Smart Plug from the power outlet, then plug it back in. Reset your Amazon Smart Plug by holding the side button for 12 seconds.

  • Why is my Amazon smart plug blinking blue?

You’ll see a blinking blue light when you plug it into the wall. Now it’s time to connect the smart plug to your Amazon Echo.

  • Can I use an Amazon Plug without Alexa?

Amazon Echo and Google Home are not required to use the plug. You can control the KMC via your mobile Device or tablet by downloading the KMC app.

  • Does Amazon’s smart plug work without WiFi?

The Amazon Smart Plug is compatible only with Alexa. A 2.4 GHz WiFi network is required for the Amazon Smart Plug.

  • Can you turn on the Amazon Smart Plug away from home?

Amazon Smart Plug allows you to control the lights, fans, coffee makers, and more with your voice. Control lights, fans, and appliances remotely when you’re away by scheduling automatic on and off times. An Alexa-enabled device is all you need.

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