Blink outdoor camera Setup (4 Easy Steps)

Blink outdoor camera Setup

Security is a major concern these days. Homeowners are responsible for protecting their family or property while away; security cameras like Blink are a major saviour. So, if you’re planning to install an outdoor camera and are looking for information on Blink Outdoor Camera setup, you’ve come to the right article.

Setting up a Blink outdoor camera involves the following primary steps:

  • Download the Blink app and set it up to connect to your Amazon account.
  • Create a system by configuring a blink sync module in the app.
  • Integration of the synchronization module with the Blink outdoor camera.
  • Mount the camera on the wall using the included mounting key.

It takes very little time to set up a flashing Blink outdoor camera. Your Blink outdoor camera is easy to install if you know and follow the procedures. 

This article will teach you about the new Blink outdoor camera setup.

How to Setup Blink Outdoor Camera (4 Simple Steps)

How to Setup Blink Outdoor Camera

Blink outdoor camera setup involves several steps that are easy to follow. With the right guidance, your smart camera can be up and running quickly.

Download the Blink app and create an account.

Installing the Blink app and setting it up to connect to the Amazon account later are the first two steps in installing and configuring your Blink outdoor camera. Installing the Blink Home Monitor App is easy on Android and iPhone. Download the Blink App from the Play Store or App Store.

On your smartphone, when the app is successfully installed, follow the steps below to complete the Blink account creation process smoothly:

  • Launch the downloaded app and select “Create Account” from the menu.
  • Then, add your login details after selecting the location and territory.
  • You will receive an email. Click on the link to confirm the previously entered information.
  • Now, enter your phone number and wait for confirmation.
  • Link your registered Amazon account to the app.
  • After you create your Blink account, you need to configure the sync module.

Create a Blink system and Add a sync module.

Now that you’re just two steps away from completing the Blink outdoor camera setup remember that setting up the Sync Module is a crucial step when setting up a Blink outdoor camera, whether installing a single camera or planning to cover the entire property—your camera security system. Ultimately, the Sync Module will enable app-based control of the Blink outdoor camera.

Use the instructions below for using the sync module to build a system:

  • Click on the “+” symbol after opening the Blink app.
  • Look for the QR code on the sync module and scan after selecting the device type.
  • Plug the Sync Module into an electrical outlet after choosing “Create a new system.”
  • Tap “Discover Device” when the module starts flashing blue.
  • Connect the Wi-Fi of the Sync Module to your phone.
  • Now add your home Wi-Fi information and click “Done.”
  • Your Sync Module will connect to your home’s Wi-Fi once you complete these procedures. You can now add the cameras to the system.

Add cameras in the Blink App.

The next step involves adding cameras in the Blink app. Adding Blink outdoor cameras to the system is quite simple. 

It would help if you took the following actions to add cameras in the Blink app:

  • Select the (+) symbol on the menu to add a device.
  • Choose the type of device you want to include in the system, in this case, a Blink camera.
  • Check the camera’s QR code. Remember, you don’t have to scan the QR code to enter the serial number; you can tap “Serial Manual Enter” to enter the information.
  • Finish the process by clicking “Done.”
  • If you add more cameras, Follow the same procedures.

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Mount your Blink outdoor camera.

After connecting each camera to the system, mount your flash Blink outdoor cameras in the ideal location. The location is very important because you want to ensure no loophole in your monitoring system due to a blind spot in the camera. Still, at the same time, you need to find a location where the camera’s performance will not be affected. 

For example, Before installing your new Blink wireless camera system, you should make sure you stay away from the following obstacles:

  • A place with direct sunlight on the camera
  • Under the trees or branches that shade the camera
  • Vehicles in the camera’s field of view

Additionally, if you purchased them with a specific system in view, ensure the cameras are mounted to maintain their coordination with the system.

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How to set up Blink Outdoor Camera with Google Home?

How to set up Blink Outdoor Camera

Does Blink outdoor camera work with Google Home? The answer is Yes. The setup process is the same, but The functionality of your Blink outdoor camera will be quite limited when used with Google Home or Google Nest Hub, as Blink, as part of Amazon, is specifically made to integrate with Alexa. Still, if you want to set up a Blink outdoor camera with Google Home, you can.

As Google’s Nest and Amazon’s Blink compete for home automation brands, their devices’ compatibility with Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa is limited.

There are a few functions that you wouldn’t be able to do if you want to use Google Home with Blink outdoor camera:

  • You will not receive motion detection alerts.
  • You cannot use the camera microphone to communicate with delivery people or family members visiting you.
  • You cannot have the audio in two-way communication.
  • You can’t view the camera stream on the Google Nest Hub.

Blink Outdoor Camera Setup with Apple HOMEKIT?

Blink outdoor camera Setup

You cannot set up your Blink outdoor camera with Apple HOMEKIT because Apple HOMEKIT still needs to be compatible with Blink cameras.

Amazon has stated that it will ultimately look to increase device compatibility for its home automation solutions.

However, you can use open-source applications like Home Bridge or HOOBS to integrate Blink cameras with your Apple homekit.


Installing Blink outdoor cameras is like a piece of cake and so convenient. Connecting it to your home security system makes it even more valuable. However, the limited interoperability with Apple HOMEKIT and Google Home is a nuisance. If you’re determined to use Blink outdoor cameras with your existing smart home hub, you can work around the limitations by using IFTTT or HOOBS and connecting your Blink cameras to the current system.

Using IFTT or HOOBS allows you to go beyond the automation limitations imposed by manufacturers using these platforms. Moreover, you can set up many systems for different home zones when installing Blink smart gadgets.

Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ

•       How can I connect my Blink outdoor camera to Wi-Fi?

You must wait for the installation of the Sync Module to connect your Blink outdoor camera to Wi-Fi. Once the sync module is configured, press “Discover Device” when the blue light starts flashing and add your Blink camera to the sync module. Once your phone is connected to the Sync Module’s Wi-Fi, enter the details for your home Wi-Fi and choose Done.

•       Does Blink charge a monthly fee for their outdoor cameras?

Although there are subscription plans, you can use your Blink outdoor camera without monthly fees if you want to use the standard features. Without a subscription to your Blink products, you can still access standard Blink features such as motion alerts, live view, and two-way audio. Those who want more features can get them with Blink plans, which cost between $3 and $10 per month and $30 to $100 per year.

•       Does Blink’s outdoor camera always record?

The Blink Outdoor Camera only records some of the time. It has a “Motion Detection” feature that allows you to set motion-activated recording to only record when motion is detected in front of the camera. You can also enable manual recording if desired. However, if you want the camera to record continuously, you must purchase an optional cloud storage plan.

•       What is the coverage range of a Blink outdoor camera?

The optimal motion detection range for all Blink cameras is approximately 20 meters. Several factors affect motion detection, including the sensitivity level of the app, where the camera is located, the size of the object in focus, and the item’s temperature.

•       How far does a Blink camera work from a router?

The router should be able to communicate with Blink cameras up to and beyond 100 meters in any direction, assuming regular construction methods are used for building walls and there are no exceptionally dense building materials. Placing the Sync Module close to your wireless router is advisable for optimal signal strength.

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