Teckin Smart Plug Setup – A Comprehensive Guide (is it Easy?)

Teckin Smart Plug Setup

Teckin Smart Plug setup enhances your home automation experience by improving the experience of setting up your Smart Home. This guide will walk you through the Teckin Smart Plug Setup, ensuring smooth integration into your connected home.

To set up your Teckin smart plug, you need to download the smartphone app to control the plug (we recommend Smart Life). Download the Smart Life app on your Android or iPhone. Another way to download the app is by scanning the QR code on your Device.

For illustration purposes, we will set up the Teckin Smart Plug by Android setup, specifically on the Samsung Galaxy S9. The setup process is the same whether you use an iOS device.

We love Teckin Smart Plugs because they’re easy to set up.

To set up your Teckin smart plug, Follow the steps given below:

Teckin smart plug setup is easy. To set up your Teckin smart plug, follow these simple steps.

1. When you first open the app, click ‘Add device’ (either the primary button in the middle of the screen or the ‘+’ button clicked on the top right)

2. A lot of options need to be clarified now. Now that we’re only setting up the smart plug, let’s choose the Socket’ Wi-Fi) option.

3. Your Device will now ask you to check whether the light is blinking. Press and hold your plug’s on/off button for 5 seconds if it does not flash.

4. The app will instruct you to click “confirm indicator rapidly blink.” when the button begins flashing. (You have 3 minutes to complete the setup).

5. Log in to your preferred Wi-Fi and click “confirm.” 

6. Now, your plug is connecting to your Wi-Fi and app.

7. Click the “Done” button once added, and the green tick appears on the screen.

8. Now, you will be taken to the smart plug management screen, where you can manually turn it on and off with the big on/off button.

9. To edit the plug’s name, click the pencil symbol in the top right corner, click the pencil again, click the title, and rename the Device.

10. The app offers valuable options like scheduling, timer, and energy usage stats.

11. To add another device, repeat the process. Start by clicking ”add device.”

Teckin Smart Plug and Voice Assistant Compatibility:

Another highlight of this Smart Plug is that it works with voice-controlled assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant. Think of all the possibilities this presents. Almost anything can be done with voice commands.

You also need a Teckin smart plug set up in your Smart Home because The best thing is you can control your devices without opening your app. Your existing AI assistant can be used to access Teckin Smart Plug home assistant capabilities.

Teckin Smart Plug setup with Alexa:

Teckin Smart Plug setup with Alexa

The Teckin smart plug setup process with Alexa is easy. Let’s take a look at what you need to do to Alexa to control the Devices:

  • You need a device that supports Alexa To activate Alexa, such as the Echo.
  • Ensure your Smart Life app is configured correctly and everything works properly if you haven’t already done so.
  • Also, make sure you give the different plugs meaningful names since Alexa will address them with their names.
  • Download and install the Amazon Alexa app and open it.
  • Select Skills and Games from the three lines at the top of the screen.
  • Select” Smart Life” from the search bar, then tap “enable this Skill.”
  • A Smart Life account login prompt will appear, asking you to authorize the Alexa-Teckin link.
  • After configuring Smart Plugs, you receive a prompt to” “cover Devices.” A group of devices can be configured, or tap “Skip.” if you have more than one. Now, you can command Alexa. You can also control the Device from the app.

Amazon Alexa will now automatically pick up new devices if you add them in the future. By using the name you set during setup, you can easily control them. Teckin Smart Plug setup with Alexa is easy.

Teckin Smart Plug setup with Google Home:

Teckin Smart Plug setup with Google Home

To set up your Teckin Smart Plug to work with Google Home, follow these steps:

  • Google Home smart speakers are required to get started.
  • Set up the Smart Life app as soon as possible and make sure everything runs smoothly.
  • By naming your Smart Plugs (if you have more than one), Google Assistant will be able to recognize them when you make orders.
  • Connect the Teckin Smart Plug to an electrical outlet.
  • Launch the Smart Life app on your smartphone after you have verified that the blue LED is flashing.
  • An indicator will blink rapidly on the screen, prompting you to confirm. To proceed, tap it.
  • Give it some time to initiate the connection process. When you provide your Wi-Fi password, you will receive the message,” Device connected successfully.”
  • You can now use it after pressing “Done.”

You can confirm everything works by launching the Google Home app, pressing the plus icon, and searching for “Smart Life.”

Start using your Smart Plug with Google Assistant from here by adjusting the settings. Teckin Smart Plug setup with Google Home is simple.


Teckin Smart Plug Setup enables you to embrace the future of smart living. Use this smart device daily and enjoy efficiency, convenience, and innovation.

With Smart Devices, smart plugs offer a wide range of benefits. These devices enhance our daily lives conveniently and efficiently, from energy management to remote control. Smart plugs enable automation, convenience, and energy savings in smart homes.

A smart home setup would only be complete with a Teckin smart plug setup. These products offer convenience, energy savings, and improved lifestyles. Everyone can use Teckin smart plugs because they are easy to set up and use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

  • What is the setup time for the Teckin Smart Plug?

The Teckin smart plug setup process usually takes around 10 minutes, and a seamless transition to smart living is ensured.

  • Does the Teckin Smart Plug work with all devices?

Teckin Smart Plugs work seamlessly with a wide variety of household appliances and electronic devices.

  • One app can control multiple Teckin Smart Plugs?

There is no doubt that the Teckin App enables centralized control, allowing you to manage multiple smart plugs with ease.

  • Teckin Smart Plug offers what security features?

Teckin prioritizes security by incorporating encryption protocols into smart home technology.

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