How To Empty Shark Robot Vacuum (5 Simple Steps)

How to empty Shark Robot vacuum

Shark Robot vacuum cleaners make household chores easier. How to empty Shark Robot vacuums properly is essential to ensuring they last a long time. Robot vacuum cleaners must be maintained. This often goes further than emptying the dust container. A robot vacuum also has sensors that need to be cleaned.

This is a complete guide to maintaining a Shark robot vacuum and How to empty Shark Robot vacuum. You will find here information about How to empty Shark Robot vacuum, how to clean the filters, and when to change the filters.

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Why Do You Need To Clean The Shark Robot Vacuum?

Maintaining a vacuum cleaner, especially a robot vacuum cleaner, is very important. There are a lot of parts that need to be appropriately cleaned here. There are sensors, brushes (sides), and wheels to consider.

Maintaining a Shark robot vacuum correctly often prevents the following problems:

  • Nasty, smelly odours.
  • Dust emissions increased.
  • Obstacle detection is less accurate.
  • Make your floor scratchy.
  • Reduction of suction power.

For this reason, it is essential to learn more about how the Shark robot vacuum cleaner cleans.

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How to Empty Shark Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

How to empty Shark Robot vacuum

Now let’s go on to How to empty Shark Robot vacuum. A robot vacuum cleaner often has a smaller dust container than a canister vacuum cleaner. After each cleaning, the dust container will need to be emptied.

Shark robot vacuums are easy to empty. Follow these steps to accomplish this: How to empty Shark Robot vacuums properly.

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1. Turn off the vacuum:

Ensure the Shark Robot Vacuum is turned off and unplugged from the power source before emptying it. By doing this, you ensure your safety and prevent any accidental damage.

2. Locate the dustbin:

Shark Robot Vacuums typically have a dustbin located at the back or underneath. Locate the release button or latch that opens the dustbin compartment.

3. Open the Dustbin:

Press the release button or lift the latch to open the dustbin compartment. Some models may have a lock mechanism that must be unlocked before opening.

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4. Remove and Empty the Dustbin:

Remove the dustbin from the Shark Robot Vacuum gently. When removing it, be careful not to spill any debris or dust.

Place the dustbin in a trash can or disposal area. Press the release button or lever to empty the trash can. To remove all debris, you may need to tap the dustbin gently.

5. Reinsert the Dustbin:

The plastic rim and filter should be cleaned with a dry cloth or brush.

Slide the dustbin back into the Shark Robot Vacuum once it is clean and dry. Ensure it is securely locked in place and properly aligned.

Depending on your Shark Robot Vacuum model, close the dustbin compartment by pressing it firmly until you hear a click.

Clean and Replace Shark Robot Vacuum Filters:

Clean and Replace Shark Robot Vacuum Filters

Robot vacuum cleaner filters must be cleaned regularly to maintain low dust emissions. A non-washable filter. You can’t clean it with water. The following steps will help you maintain it:

  1. Clean the robot vacuum by removing the dust container.
  2. Click the side buttons to remove the filter from the dust container.
  3. To remove dust from the filter, gently shake and knock it out.

Shaking the filter is not enough in the long run. It will also need to be replaced regularly.

Replacement of Shark robot vacuum cleaner filters is necessary to maintain low dust emissions. It is recommended to replace the Shark filter every 2 months. View the prices here.

Cleaning Brushes, Wheels, and Sensors:

Cleaning a Shark robot vacuum involves more than just emptying the dust container, as I mentioned in the introduction. We also need sensors to ensure the robot vacuum cleaner detects and avoids obstacles.

Clean The Brushes Of The Shark Robot Vacuum:

Clean The Brushes Of The Shark Robot Vacuum

It is easy for hair to get entangled in vacuum cleaner brushes. Suction performance is negatively impacted if a brush does not rotate well. A lot of dirt can remain on the floor, making removing animal hair more difficult.

Shark robot vacuum cleaners have many brushes. The robot vacuum cleaner has a large motorized floor brush on the underside and two side brushes on either side.

You can easily remove hairs by clicking the floor brush out of the vacuum cleaner. Wipe the ends with a dry cloth to clean the side brushes.

Shark recommends replacing the floor brush every 6-12 months. It reduces the risk of damage to wooden floors.

Replace and Clean Wheels:

Shark robot vacuum cleaners have several wheels to enable them to navigate correctly. There are two large rubber wheels and a swivel wheel at the front. Make sure these wheels still turn perfectly regularly.

The swivel wheel at the front can be easily removed. Make sure the housing is clean and free of dust and hair. Reinstall the caster by snapping it in place.

Rubber wheels can be quickly dusted off. Dust them while rotating them by hand.

When the Shark robot vacuum cleaner wheels no longer rotate properly, it is smart to replace them. It’s recommended to replace the swivel wheel every 6 to 12 months.

Cleaning Sensors:

Lastly, Shark robot vacuum cleaner sensors should be regularly cleaned. It also prevents the robot vacuum from avoiding obstacles, such as damaging furniture.

You can clean the sensors by wiping them gently with a dry, clean cloth on the underside of the robot vacuum cleaner. Keep the charging points with you. This is also on the Shark Base and the underside of the robot vacuum cleaner.

The importance of Regular Maintenance:

There’s nothing rocket science about it. Regular maintenance lets you keep your Shark Robot vacuum in top shape. Keep your vacuum cleaner running smoothly by emptying the dust bin and cleaning the filters regularly. A well-maintained vacuum is a happy vacuum!


The best way to keep your Shark Robot vacuum running for a long time is to learn How to empty Shark Robot vacuum. Regularly emptying your Shark Robot Vacuum will keep it running efficiently. Follow these step-by-step instructions on How to empty Shark Robot vacuum to keep your vacuum performing at its best. To avoid any problems, clean the dustbin thoroughly and reinsert it properly. Enjoy your cleaning!

I hope this guide on “How to empty Shark Robot vacuum” helped you. If you have any other questions about how to empty Shark Robot vacuum, please contact Shark Customer Support.


  • How often should you empty a shark vacuum?

When the dust cup appears full, you should empty it after vacuuming and periodically during cleaning. Place the bottom of the dust cup into the pod first, then tilt the dust cup toward the wand until it clicks into place.

  • Is the Shark Ion robot self-empty?

It would be best never to touch the dust bin since the robot automatically empties it into the bagless base.

  • How do I empty the dust cup?

By pressing the button on the front of the dust cup, you can open the bottom door of the dust cup. Gently tap the contents to empty them. Please close the door again until it clicks. Press the top door release button if the dust cup needs to be turned upside down over the trash. To remove contents, tap gently or wipe clean with a soft cloth.

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